Zinc vitamin C chewable tablet

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The zinc vitamin C chewable tablet has the health function of supplemicating zinc and vitamin C, each tablet contains: zinc 6.8mg, vitamin C 40mg;  Zinc helps to improve appetite.  Zinc is good for healthy skin. 

[Ingredients] Zinc gluconate, Vitamin C(L-ascorbic acid), casein phosphopeptide, glucose, D-mannitol, maltodextrin, Citric acid, magnesium stearate  

[Suitable People] Adults aged 11-17 who need zinc and vitamin C supplements  

[Unsuitable People] under 10 years old, pregnant women and nursing mothers  

[Health Care Function] Supplement zinc and vitamin C  

[Dosage and Method] People aged 11-17:1 tablet, once a day;Adults: 2 tablets, once daily.Chew food  

[Specification] 1.0g×60 pieces  

[Notes] Health food is not medicine and cannot replace medicine to treat diseases.Do not exceed the recommended amount or take it with a similar nutrient supplement;This product is not recommended for people outside the population.