Maximum inulin consumption per day

Inulin is a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber, which has the functions of constipation, digestion, detoxification and beautifying, reducing blood fat and blood sugar, losing weight and protecting liver function. Inulin is found in almost all plants and is another form of energy storage for plants besides starch. We extract and refine inulin products from Jerusalem artichox plants. It is a mixture of more than 2-60 kinds of fructans with polymerization degree. It is an ideal functional food ingredient, a good dietary fiber, and a good raw material for producing oligosaccharides, high fructose syrups, crystallized fructose and other products. Inulin is widely distributed in nature. It is also found in some fungi and bacteria. It is also found in Onions, garlic, bananas, and wheat.

Inulin consumption limit: ≤ 15g/day, range of use: all kinds of food, but not including baby food.