What is oyster peptide?

Oyster peptides are produced by enzymolysis by applying peptide molecular biotechnology to oyster processing. The small molecule oligopeptides formed by this production method completely retain the original vitamins, trace elements, taurine and other nutrients of oysters, so that oysters rich in nucleic acid can be absorbed faster by human body than a single amino acid or protein, and they are easy to be absorbed by the body and have more important biological activity in human metabolism. It has higher biological potency and more important physiological function than ordinary oyster products.

Oyster peptide is mainly composed of oysters, commonly known as oysters and oysters. Oysters are a kind of shellfish. Oysters are traditional tonic. The main ingredient glycogen can be quickly replenished to restore physical strength and improve immunity.

The protein contained in oysters contains a variety of excellent amino acids. These amino acids have detoxification effect and can expel toxic substances from the body. The taurine also has the effect of reducing blood cholesterol concentration, so it can prevent arteriosclerosis. There are 13.2 milligrams of zinc in every 100 grams of oysters, and men need to eat one oyster a day to meet their zinc requirements.