What is Natto Monascus

Natto is a kind of fermented food obtained by the fermentation of soybean by Natto fungus. Nattokinase, a serine protease, was first isolated from Natto in 1987 by Suomi, a Japanese medical doctor. Hongqu in Natto monascus belongs to Chinese medicine, also known as Danqu.

Natto in Natto monascus belongs to the healthy food, natto is spread from China to Japan, and is now one of the traditional foods in Japan. Natto's main nutrition is nattokinase, which can regulate the dissolution of blood vessel thrombosis and promote blood circulation.

In modern times, Professor Akira Endo discovered an active substance in monascus that can inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the body and named it lovastatin. Lovastatin is also the main nutrition of monascus, which can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.