Sodium hyaluronate collagen peptide powder

  On January 7, 2021, the National Health Commission issued a notice on 15 "Three New Foods" including Cicadas fruitum (artificially cultivated). The announcement pointed out that the safety assessment material of sodium hyaluronate, a new food raw material, had passed the expert review organized by the review organization and was approved to expand the scope of application. This marks the first time in 13 years since 2008 that sodium hyaluronate has stepped down from its pedestal and can finally be made into a common food. According to the announcement, the expanded use of sodium hyaluronate includes alcohol, milk and dairy products, beverages, frozen drinks, confectionery, cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products (including cocoa butter chocolate and products).

  Sodium hyaluronate, whose chemical formula is (C14H20NO11Na) N, is an inherent component in the human body. It is a glucuronic acid with no species specificity. It is widely found in placenta, amniotic fluid, lens, articular cartilage, skin dermis and other tissues. In the organ, it is distributed in the cytoplasm and intercellular stroma, which lubricates and nourishes the cells contained in it and the cellular organ itself. This product scientifically added collagen peptide, sodium hyaluronate, yeast extract, cherry powder and other main raw materials, using modern biotechnology refined biological products.