Effervescent tablet OEM/ODM


  Various tablet types: it has multiple sets of tablet molds, which can produce various tablet types such as round, shaped, bullet head, etc;

☆  Flavors:Sour and sweet flavor, lemon flavor, strawberry and other fruit flavors, customized according to customer needs;☆ Various colors: milky white, orange, rose red, lemon yellow, grapefruit yellow, peach red, coffee, etc. you can also customize various colors according to your samples;

☆  Stable quality: nearly 20 years of production experience, 100000 GMP aseptic workshop

☆  High production efficiency: several internationally leading production equipment and automatic packaging production lines can be used for packaging such as bottle, tube, bag, pressing plate, aluminum plastic, double aluminum, etc;☆ Production scope:Homology of medicine and food, new resource food, health food, common food, etc.

Cooperation Mode:


1.Use your brand, we give you OEM production;

2.Can be customized according to the sample or formula you provide;

☆ ODM:

According to customers' demand, we provide raw materials, formula, packaging design, production one-stop services.