Powder OEM/ODM


   Various dosage forms: powder,long strip, round granule and other soluble granules, suspended granules, bubbling granules and other forms can be produced;

☆   Flavors:All kinds of fruit flavor, milk flavor, sour and sweet flavor, original flavor, coffee flavor, matcha flavor, etc., can also be customized according to the sample.

☆   Colors: White, brown, all kinds of fruit color, etc., can also be customized to sample color; 

   Stable quality: nearly 20 years of production experience, more than 300 series of products, advanced production technology and production process;  

☆   Production high efficiency: a number of advanced production equipment, automatic packaging production line,

Can make three side seal, four side seal, back seal, special-shaped mouth seal, etc

   Production scope:Homology of medicine and food, new resource food, health food, common food, etc.

Cooperation Mode:


1.Use your brand, we give you OEM production;

2.Can be customized according to the sample or formula you provide;


According to customers' demand, we provide raw materials, formula, packaging design, production one-stop services.