Soft capsule OEM/ODM

☆   Specification:0.3g-1.0g;

☆   Various dosage forms:With dozens of capsule molds, it can produce spherical, olive, fish, water drop, cylindrical, tube, gourd, goldfish, XO, eggplant and other shapes;

☆   Colors:Transparent, orange, rose red, lemon yellow, grapefruit yellow, peach red, olive green, coffee, etc. you can also customize various colors according to your samples

   Stable quality: nearly 20 years of production experience, From ingredients, chemical glue, shot pressing, drying, inspection to inner packaging, quality inspection and outer packaging, the production is in strict accordance with the "GMP" standard;

   Production high efficiency: a number of advanced production equipment, automatic packaging production line, can be bottled, bag, aluminum plastic, double aluminum and other packaging; 

☆   Production scope:Homology of medicine and food, new resource food, health food, common food, etc.

Cooperation Mode:


1.Use your brand, we give you OEM production;

2.Can be customized according to the sample or formula you provide;


According to customers' demand, we provide raw materials, formula, packaging design, production one-stop services.