Tablet OEM/ODM

Tablets are tablets made of raw materials and excipients after granulation, which are mainly solid dosage forms such as round tablets and shaped tablets; Mainly oral, there are buccal tablets, chewable tablets, dispersible tablets, effervescent tablets, rapid release or sustained release tablets, enteric coated tablets, etc

   accurate dosage: 0.1g-6.0g tablets of different specifications can be processed;

☆   various tablet types: with more than 300 sets of tablet molds, it can produce oblong, oval, triangle, round, sun shaped, cartoon, animal, fruit and other tablet types;

   various flavors: various fruit flavors, milk flavors, sour and sweet flavors, original flavors, etc. you can also customize the flavors with samples.

☆   various colors: the tablets are mainly white, strawberry, beige, milky white, green, various fruit colors, and can also be customized with samples

☆   stable quality: 20 years of production experience, more than 300 series products, mature production technology and stable production technology are leading in the industry;  

   efficient production: many advanced production equipment, automatic packaging production lines, etc., can be bottled, bagged, aluminum plastic, double aluminum and other packaging;

☆   production scope: homologous drugs and foods, new resource foods, health foods, ordinary foods, etc;

Cooperation mode:

☆  OEM processing cooperation:

1. You can use your brand, and we will OEM it for you;

2. It can be customized according to the samples and formulas provided by you;

☆  ODM processing cooperation:

We provide customers with one-stop services from raw materials, formulas to packaging materials design and production.