Krill oil gel candy

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Krill oil is a small crustacean from krill, a Marine creature less than 6 cm long. Krill is a major food source for fin whales and is rich in omega3 fatty acids. A source of fatty acids, krill oil is often used in nutritional supplements.

"Krill oil" is a new food raw material approved by the National Health department, which can be used in ordinary food. Krill oil is rich in trace elements such as DHA and EPA and omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for health. It also contains antioxidants called astaxanthin, which can protect the body from free radical damage.

[Product Name] Baiweicao brand krill oil gel candy

[Ingredients] Oligomaltose, edible gelatin, krill oil, edible vegetable oil, glycerin, water

[Specification] 0.75g×60

[Recommended Eating Method] 2-3 tablets per day

[Standard] GB 17399

[Shelf Life] 18 months

[Storage Method] Seal and store in a cool and dry place


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