Ganoderma solid beverage

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Ganoderma lucidum belongs to fungus and is widely used in food and medicine. Pueraria root, is the same origin of food and medicine raw material, is now widely used in food.

[Product Name] Ganoderma solid beverage

[Ingredients] Ganoderma lucidum, Pueraria root, honey, corn oligopeptide, Poncirus aurantii chess powder, chrysanthemum powder, orange peel powder, galangal powder, sucralose

[Standard] GB/T 29602

Specification: 10g/ bag

[Edible Method] Put the product into a cup, and rinse it with moderate amount of warm water.

[Edible Limit] Consumption of Ganoderma ≤6g/ day (by dry product) Add 30% of ganoderma. Daily consumption of this product should not exceed 2 bags

Not suitable for pregnant women, breast-feeding women and infants       

[Storage Method] Airtight, placed in a cool and dry place

[Shelf Life] 18 months