Malaysia customer purchased coenzyme Q10 soft capsules

On the afternoon of March 4th, Malaysian businessmen came to China Hengkang Biological to purchase coenzyme Q10 soft capsules. Li Zong, general manager of China Hengkang Cross-border E-commerce Company, and Emily, head of foreign trade received the visiting businessmen.

The products purchased by Malaysian customers this time are coenzyme Q10 soft capsule, vitamin C tablet and blueberry lutein ester tablet. Under the guidance of the staff, the merchants visited the production workshop of China Hengkang, observed the production process of the equipment carefully at the first production site, checked the samples, and listened to the product parameters described in detail by the staff. Through field investigation, the Malaysian businessman gave high evaluation, businessmen say, based on the research and development, production, quality inspection, logistics and other aspects of the comprehensive field, fully embodies the strength and sincerity of cooperation, then, the two sides have products procurement, cooperation depth and related matters to reach an agreement.