Enterprise strength

No.1 focus on healthy food research and development and production

  National standard GMP clean production workshop, automatic assembly line production, 8 kinds of dosage form production line;

☆  Nearly 20 years of industry experts according to the different dosage form of scientific proportioning, color, taste, shape can be customized;

  One hundred thousand aseptic workshop, product production environment to meet pharmaceutical standards, in order to avoid heavy metals in the water, bacteria content exceeds the standard, all production water is pure water, to ensure product quality and safety;

NO.2 Strict and perfect inspection system to ensure product quality

  All products are shipped after 3 strict inspection procedures to ensure product optimization;

  The first inspection: employee self-inspection -- product production professional, sterile into the factory;

☆  The second inspection: raw material inspection - all products need quality inspection, unqualified do not feed;

☆  The third inspection: product quality inspection -- all finished products need to be inspected before leaving the factory;

No.3 Service to let customers rest assured, intimate, peace of mind

☆  Prepare design teams and packaging manufacturers for brand owners;

☆  A number of logistics company cooperation, timely delivery, fast;

☆  Efficient service, negotiation, planning, filing, proofing, production, one-stop service.