Calcium iron zinc effervescent tablet

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It quickly disintegrate after entering the water, the water surface presents a beautiful mist, bubbles up and down.  

[Product Name]Calcium iron zinc effervescent tablet  

[Product Type] Other solid beverages  

[Ingredients] Glucose, soy protein isolate, lactose, (Food additives: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, calcium citrate, ferrous lactate, zinc gluconate, Vitamin C, Vitamin D)  

[Specification] 3.0g×10  

[Recommended Eating Method] Put this product into a cup of warm or hot water, then dissolve it into a cup of sweet and sour fruit drink, 1 piece per day   

[Storage Method] Sealed, placed in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture, immediately sealed after use 

[Shelf Life] 18 months 


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